Party Plan
'Bringing exclusive style to you!'

Imagine taking a stroll through the finest boutique district in Paris.
Imagine stepping out to browse through the most exclusive emporiums of Milan.
Imagine walking through the cobbled streets of Italy and shopping in the heart of the fashion capital!

This is what the Couture Handbag experience is all about - only Couture Handbags brings exclusive style to you!

Couture Handbags will deliver this boutique style shopping experience directly to you and your guests in the comfort of your own living room!

And to assist you and your guests in selecting the right bags and accessories from the exclusive Couture Handbags Collection, your own personal fashion consultant will be present.

It's new, stylish, unique and fun it's the Couture Handbags party plan!!

To book a party or to make further enquiries simply contact us via phone or email.

'style, your home, your way'

Couture handbags is all about style, class and luxury, but also your convenience.
You choose the time, date and the place and Couture Handbags brings the experience to you.
Impress your family and friends by turning your home into a Fashion boutique for an evening.
Turn your work lunch hour into an exclusive shopping experience for a day by inviting a presentation with you and your co-workers.
Give members of your social club the opportunity to shop with Couture Handbags.

In fact, the Couture Handbags experience is so much fun that many hostesses are turning it into a regular social event. Why not get together with your family and friends once a month and update your wardrobe with the newest handbag trends that Couture Handbags has to offer, while having a great social evening!
Get to know your friendly Couture Handbags consultant and keep in regular contact so you can be the first to find out about emerging trends, new releases and special offers thst may be available or coming up soon!

'A Stylish Party for Every Occasion'

Why not have a Couture Handbags Party they are designed for every celebration!

Birthday Parties

Wether it be for a girlfriend's birthday, or your mother's birthday, our range of designer handbags are available for all taste's and price ranges! Plus not only you will recieve a gift the birthday person will also recieve a $20 gift voucher as a thankyou and happy birthday present from Couture Handbags!

Start by asking the birthday girl/boy to complete a list of those they would like to invite, after setting a convienient date with your Couture Handbags sales Consultant.

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Bridal Shower's
Crack out the Champagne, grab the sparkler's, turn up the music and celebrate in style!

Every bride deserves something special, so, why not organise a Couture Handbag Bridal Shower for your special Bride-to-Be?
Our beautiful collection of fashionable handbags are for every taste and budget!
The bride to be will receive a $20 gift voucher to spend on one of our designer bags.

Couture Handbags Bridal Showers are fun, easy to organise, and the best way to give the bride something special that she will treasure forever.

Start by asking the bride to complete a guest list with all those she would like to invite, after setting a convenient date with your Couture Handbags Sales Consultant.

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Baby Shower's

There is nothing more exciting than the news of a new life!
Celebrate you excpectant arrival with a Couture Handbags Party!

We have a number of Large Tote bag's which a number of people are already buying and using for nappy bag's.
The bag's are very large and roomy so they not only fit all of your and your baby essentials, but you do so looking very very stylish!

The mother to be will recieve a $20 gift voucher to go towards any of our designer handbags!!

Start by asking the mother to be to complete a guest list with all those she would like to invite, after setting a conveinient date with your Couture Handbags Sales Consultant.

Party Plan - Couture Handbags Couture Handbag's Large Tote fit all your baby essentials! Party Plan - Couture Handbags

Party Plan - Couture Handbags They are so Large they fit your baby in their too!! Party Plan - Couture Handbags

' A rewarding experience'

Becoming a Couture Handbags hostess not only offers you your own personal European style boutique but also your own professional fashion consultant.
To thank you for playing a part in offering the Couture Handbags experience to others, you will the following gifts:
  1. A $20 gift Voucher to put towards the purchase on any Designer Handbag
  2. 10% of all sales made at the event to spend on products from the Couture Handbags Collection
**And to thank you even more for sharing the Couture Handbags shopping experience with others, if just have just one additional confirmed event booked at your Party, You will recieve a complimentry fashion jewellery accessory!!**

Not only do you recieve the above gifts for hosting a party or booking a future party you can also take advantage of our fantastic layby offer!!
You now can afford that designer handbag you want, just place your bag on layby, with a small minimul deposit required and regular payments, you can layby your bag for up to four weeks!!**(conditions apply)

Please Note:-
Layby is for Four Weeks only and starts from the date that deposit is made.
Regular payments must be made to continue the layby.
Minimum deposit of $20 must be made at the time that the layby starts.
If layby is cancelled the $20 deposit will be forfeited and money will not be returned to the customer.

Now's the time to book your Couture Handbags Shopping Experience and reap the many rewards it has to offer!!

Call or email to order or enquire about your Couture Handbags Party Today!!


Tips on how to Host a Party-Plan Party

Holding a Party Plan Party

Location - Is there sufficient room at home to host a party? If not, consider asking a friend to share the host benefits by holding the party at his/her home. Some sales companies are also happy to hold lunchtime or after hours parties at an office or business. This is not always appropriate and should always be approved by office management before making further plans.

Time - Daytime parties during the week will exclude friends that work regular business hours. Evenings can be difficult for parents of young children or shift workers. Weekends encroach on family time and may conflict with other social or sporting commitments. Consider what time is likely to be suitable for the largest number of guests.
Parties held during the busiest time of year for school (at the end of the school year and in the weekend before school goes back after summer holidays) are likely to have a poor attendance by mothers of school age children.

Party Style and Catering - Gatherings can be formal or informal. Be aware that the more work you go to, the more intimidating it might be for others to offer to host a party themselves. Even a slightly more formal ‘wine and cheese night’ party can be kept simple with a basic cheese and fruit platter. A morning or afternoon tea is more casual and a cake along with some chocolate biscuits is often sufficient.
Unless the party is planned around a meal, simple finger food is easiest for the host and guests.

Guests - Invite as many people as possible. Some people will have prior commitments; others will simply not be interested. Suggest on your invitation that people bring along a friend.

Make sure that anyone who is unable to attend is offered access to the Couture Handbags website so they can view the products to place an outside order. If they are sufficiently interested, suggest that they might like to hold a party themselves.

It is important to remember that if the host/hostess is interested in the products and is having fun, the guests are more likely to do the same. Relax and enjoy spending time with your family and friends, let the demonstrator do his/her job and everyone is likely to have a great time.